Morph Weekly Roundup 5.6

Morph Holesky Testnet V2


We're thrilled to open a new chapter on our journey to revolutionize the blockchain landscape. Building on the success of the Morph Sepolia Testnet, we're raising the bar with the launch of our latest innovation: the Morph Holesky Testnet. This release is more than just an update, it's a significant stride toward the advanced performance and comprehensive features that our soon to come mainnet will offer.

Our new testnet jumps into action with Ethereum Holesky as its foundational Layer 1, establishing a new benchmark in performance. This advancement is not just about speed, it’s about setting up a stable and efficient groundwork for what's coming next.

New Look, Same Morph

That's right, we have a new look. This represents our passion for creating the best Consumer-Centric blockchain by altering the palette from harsh colors to a more pastel, warm look. In our effort to provide simplicity and accessibility to blockchain our new logo emulates lego-like building blocks that shows our rise to the top.


This look does not change our final destination, it just makes it apparent where we are going to go. We hope you like this look as much as we do!

Morph x Echo

Morph has participated in the innovative angel investor platform, Echo. In this round Morph secured another $300k in investments. this shows a strong interest in Morph as our vision aims to change the blockchain space forever.

Morph’s CEO and co-founder, Cecilia Hsueh (@cecilia_hsueh) explained:

Morph’s participation in Echo is just one of the many ways in which we seek to connect with industry participants. This move allowed us to broaden our investor base, reaching those who share our goal of making blockchain technology straightforward and beneficial for everyday use. We are motivated by this early success and are committed to continuing our efforts to lead the consumer blockchain revolution, making it more accessible, understandable, and consumer-friendly. We see a future where blockchain is as commonplace and easy to use as any mainstream technology today.

Morph x StarLand.AI

StarLand.AI is the first GenAI Model-as-a-Service (MaaS) DePIN network, designed to operate large multimodal models on any computing device. StarLandAI's AI DAPPs have been integrated into Morph, utilizing DePIN devices globally and supported by Morph’s Layer 2 scaling solutions. The goal is to rapidly create additional AI DApps on Morph, fostering the widespread implementation of GenAI within the Ethereum ecosystem.

QuickNode on Morph Holesky

QuickNode has launched support for the Morph Holesky Testnet by introducing the ability to get your very own RPC endpoint. This swift, seamless and superior RPC will enhance the abilities of the Morph Holesky as you test away!

Via QuickNode Twitter